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Ten tips that will improve your customer service

Silvia Planella/ July 8, 2014

Why customer service is important? If you watch old clips from the 90’s on ‘how you can improve customer service’, you will inevitably come across the term P.E.R.F.E.C.T. It stands for polite, efficient, respectful, friendly, enthusiastic, cheerful and tactful. It seems outdated but the central idea is still very much applicable today.  When a customer service agent picks up the

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The Effort analysis across channels

Silvia Planella/ December 11, 2013

Your clients usually contact your team to find a suitable answer to enquiries about your products or services. But how do they contact you? The first thing that they will do is check what contact channels are you offering, and then they will select one. But imagine that you were offering all of them: telephone answering service, e-mail handling, live

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While the Contact Centre Industry Experts says “Multi-channel/Omni-channel”, Customers says “Smartphone”

Silvia Planella/ December 4, 2013

Businesses have been focusing for the last 5 years in the multi-channel approach. There are still some CEO’s reluctant to include new channels to the basic telephone answering channel. Smartphones are changing the way consumers make contact with companies. It is important to embrace new technologies and the “Multi-channel” approach is vital in most market sectors. Smartphones provide customer with

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Contact Centre: Omni-channel, Multi-channel and Single-channel

Silvia Planella/ October 4, 2013

“Omni-channel” – is this phrase “the next big trend”? Where has this new trend “omni” come from and why are we been confronted with these new concepts and challenges. We thought multi and omni meant the same thing. Is there really a difference?

Tips for E-Commerce Success

Silvia Planella/ May 13, 2013

Running an e-business/e-commerce is hard work. You need to drive traffic to your online store, respond to customers in a quick and timely manner, create new promotions on a continuous basis, and have secure and safe payment gateways along with the normal day to day deliverables for traditional high street businesses. Below are some tips for you that will help

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