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Deal-of-the-day customer support: What, when, and… HOW???

Silvia Planella/ March 12, 2018

Defining Deal-of-the-day campaigns – what? Deal-of-the-day, daily deal, flash sales,  one deal a day promotions type are part of e-commerce business models in which a website offers a single product for sale for a specific period of time. These promotional campaigns are not a new concept. They require a well-planned process that involves marketing, distribution and customer support teams. In the

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Who should take care of your social media account? The Marketing department vs. Contact Centre Contest

Silvia Planella/ January 8, 2018

The power of social media is evident for marketers and customer agents representatives. Buyers and potential buyers can access your online profile and gather information; but also can use this channel to ask for advice and report any challenges with your business. Who should take care of your social presence? Social Media as a Marketing Tool If your social media

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How to align your marketing and customer care departments to grow your business?

Silvia Planella/ March 27, 2015

Aligning your marketing and customer care strategies together will impact your business growth rate positively. How can you achieve this? Four key elements are shared between marketers and customer representatives and they answer the 5 key questions: Who? What? When? How? Where? Who is the customer?   A better understanding of your customer will improve your marketing results and customer

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Database Management : Benefits from a Marketing Perspective

Call Management/ September 22, 2014

Customer data becomes inaccurate at an alarming rate. Failure to maintain your databases will result in most of it becoming unusable within a few years. You squander so much time by having inaccurate information because a simple phone call to a prospect that should take a couple of minutes can turn into the tedious process of data mining and trial and

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Customer support is the new marketing

Silvia Planella/ January 20, 2014

Social media platforms are here to stay and all businesses especially on-line retailers need to have a support structure in place to deal with customer queries. Customer loyalty and customer support are more important than ever due to the digital age.and you need to protect your brand, company image and reputation. A satisfied client who shares their experience on social media

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