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E-Commerce in 2016 and the Importance of Customer Satisfaction

James Purcell/ November 29, 2016

Millennials, Omni-Channel and Good Old Fashioned Customer Service E-Commerce is constantly evolving and branching off into new customer applications. These include new payment methods, buying processes and improved channels for connecting. Millennials are a major target audience for e-commerce businesses in 2016 and companies are developing a lot of new and interesting services for this group. This year may see

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5 Benefits of Live Chat Support

James Purcell/ September 7, 2016

Instantaneous Customer Service Live chat plays an important role in offering a 360-degree customer care service. It is very easy to install on your website and is user-friendly. Statistical data indicates that 44% of customers stated that having a live chat specialist available during an online purchase was one of the most important features a company can offer. Also, a further 63% of customers

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Customer Support Tailored for E-Commerce

James Purcell/ March 7, 2016

Customer Service over the Phone, through Live chat, by E-mail and on Social media The e-commerce sector shows no signs of slowing down. According to reports carried out by internetretailer.com e-commerce in the U.S grew by 14.6% in 2015, totalling $341.7 billion in sales. Here in Ireland, things are also looking up, an article published by the independent states that Ireland ranks

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How your Small Business can compete on the Global Ecommerce? Four Key elements

Silvia Planella/ March 17, 2015

When it comes to selling online competition is fierce. Unless you offer an extremely unique product or service competition from other companies will be high. Multinational’s have a large share of the market but merchants can level the playing field by maximising their niche market and by offering superior, personalized customer service. Selling internationally will clearly have a positive impact

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E-commerce Managers: Here are 3 reasons why you should have an afterhours call centre

Silvia Planella/ March 7, 2015

Cater for more Global localization or Glocalization as it has been branded. There is a McDonalds in 118 countries worldwide, but that is a brick and mortar example, the internet is accessible globally through a multitude of devices tablets, smartphones, PC’s and many more channels. This means as an e-commerce manager or owner you have customers from a wide variety

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How to help customers shopping online? Customer care options

Silvia Planella/ March 4, 2013

Shopping online has become an extensive practice. It is expected that the number of digital buyers in the United States rises up to 162.60 millions in 2014. Similar figures can be found on Europe and Asia. The commodity of buying from your home and the increase of the security to purchase goods and services online are helping to increase the

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Case Study: E-Commerce Site

Silvia Planella/ May 2, 2012

After sales support with a twist… Download the e-mail handling case study Case study client is a large e-commerce website in Ireland. Arema Connect handle all their customer interactions by e-mail, and by phone occasionally, to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Our e-commerce client is highly customer focused – their company culture is based on their customers having an enjoyable buying

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