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E-Commerce in 2016 and the Importance of Customer Satisfaction

James Purcell/ November 29, 2016

Millennials, Omni-Channel and Good Old Fashioned Customer Service E-Commerce is constantly evolving and branching off into new customer applications. These include new payment methods, buying processes and improved channels for connecting. Millennials are a major target audience for e-commerce businesses in 2016 and companies are developing a lot of new and interesting services for this group. This year may see

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5 Benefits of Live Chat Support

James Purcell/ September 7, 2016

Instantaneous Customer Service Live chat plays an important role in offering a 360-degree customer care service. It is very easy to install on your website and is user-friendly. Statistical data indicates that 44% of customers stated that having a live chat specialist available during an online purchase was one of the most important features a company can offer. Also, a further 63% of customers

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Customer Support Tailored for E-Commerce

James Purcell/ March 7, 2016

Customer Service over the Phone, through Live chat, by E-mail and on Social media The e-commerce sector shows no signs of slowing down. According to reports carried out by internetretailer.com e-commerce in the U.S grew by 14.6% in 2015, totalling $341.7 billion in sales. Here in Ireland, things are also looking up, an article published by the independent states that Ireland ranks

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9 Things you need for a Successful E-commerce site

James Purcell/ February 22, 2016

The E-Commerce Checklist E-commerce businesses have been around since the early 90’s and in the time following the new millennium, online stores have exploded to the point where for every bricks and mortar store there are thousands of online retail stores. Furthermore, these brick and mortar stores are now almost obliged to have an online hub of their own for customers

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The importance of upgraded communication in the Travel & Leisure industry

Call Management/ August 20, 2014

Buying Tickets online: How to support your customers in the Travel and Leisure Industry? When looking to book flights abroad or tickets to a concert event/sporting event customers tend to have some straightforward questions that can be easily answered through a live chat facility on your website. The travel & leisure industry has grown more and more into an e-commerce

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How to improve your Web Self Service and FAQ’s page?

Silvia Planella/ May 19, 2014

A business website is an important tool as a additional revenue stream, customer support and creating brand awareness. Your website can demonstrate your service/products, answer customer questions at point of sale. It is really important that the content stays fresh and uptodate in order to fulfil customer expectations. It is important to align your website information with your buyers information

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Online e-commerce sites: the challenges of customer care

Silvia Planella/ March 5, 2014

What it is an e-business / e-commerce site? Electronic business, or e-business / e-commerce sites, may be defined as the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in support of all the activities of business. Why is it important to support customers online?

The Challenges of Contact Centres – Keeping up with E-Commerce Growth

Silvia Planella/ August 28, 2013

Managing growth and maintaining standards of service can be very challenging as the customer base grows. A small retailer with relatively low online sales volumes is probably great on customer service. But as sales volumes rise, customer service becomes more complicated. More transactions will inevitably mean more customer queries via e-mail and telephone. But here’s the thing. Despite the rising

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Tips for E-Commerce Success

Silvia Planella/ May 13, 2013

Running an e-business / e-commerce is hard work. You need to drive traffic to your online store, respond to customers in a quick and timely manner, create new promotions on a continuous basis, and have secure and safe payment gateways along with the normal day to day deliverables for traditional high street businesses. Below are some tips for you that

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