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Beast from the East: Bad weather preparations in our contact centre

Silvia Planella/ February 26, 2018

‘Beast from the East’. It sounds bad… It is expected to bring freezing temperatures and heavy snow to Ireland, UK and almost everywhere in Europe. Beast from the East is expected to hit Ireland on Tuesday and it could bring snowfall to the country not seen since January 1982. Bad weather impacts on everyone’s routines and creates all kinds of problems.

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Case Study: Disaster recovery

Silvia Planella/ June 2, 2015

“Communicating effectively with your Clients during a Disaster Recovery process” Sunday Evening… “Arema Connect used this experience to educate our existing clients and at least make them aware that it exist and that they should plan for the future and use it as an insurance policy. Furthermore, our client knows that in any circumstance they can rely on us to

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