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10 Tips for Building a Top-Notch Call Centre Team

James Purcell/ August 30, 2016

Team Building Putting together a group of individuals and moulding an effective team can be a tough task. Arema Key Account Managers have several years of experience, they have the ability to recognise and manage various personality types and more importantly understand the qualities that various people bring to the team. Planned activities outside of work allow employees to build new

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What Makes a Great Customer Service Agent?

James Purcell/ July 4, 2016

The Key Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Possess Every time a customer service representative answers a call he or she is representing one of our client companies and the caller expects first-rate customer support. Each customer service representative should have certain qualities which ensure that each client is represented in a professional and friendly manner. Each representative must be

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Improving First Contact Resolution in Customer Service

James Purcell/ June 13, 2016

FCR (First Contact Resolution) in a Call Centre First contact resolution is one of the most important metrics in customer service. Improving the FCR rate means that more calls can be answered in a timely manner. This boosts a company’s customer service levels, and our clients gain a reputation for having great customer service. Pinpoint the Issue  Summarising the call

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9 Things you need for a Successful E-commerce site

James Purcell/ February 22, 2016

The E-Commerce Checklist E-commerce businesses have been around since the early 90’s and in the time following the new millennium, online stores have exploded to the point where for every bricks and mortar store there are thousands of online retail stores. Furthermore, these brick and mortar stores are now almost obliged to have an online hub of their own for customers

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A Call Centre Year Review

James Purcell/ January 4, 2016

Recognising Trends in Customer Service First of all, we at Arema Connect would like to say happy new year! 2015 was a busy year with new clients joining our team and existing clients expanding. It was a relativity standard year, our tourism clients where at their busiest during the summer months and the retail sector built up to an expected

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Customer Service in the Automotive Sector

James Purcell/ December 7, 2015

Fast Action Response Times The automotive sector is where quick decisions are made on a daily basis. As a tire supplier, break down assistance specialist, haulage company etc. you must immediately solve customer issues to rise above the competition. According to breakingnews.ie there are currently 2,515,322 cars on our roads. 1,943,868 private cars 317,378 goods vehicles 85,042 agricultural tractors 36,573

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Busy Times, Customer Satisfaction and Overflow Customer Support Service

James Purcell/ November 16, 2015

Satisfy every Customer Any successful company has a core workforce of dedicated employees but during busy periods even the best cannot handle 100% of customer calls. This leads to a customers’ most hated experience, being stuck in a queue. According to Help Scout 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a

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Improving Customer Support through technology

James Purcell/ October 5, 2015

Improving Connectivity Present day customers are on the go. Well, they were always on the go but now they have a little device in their pocket that allows them to Tweet you, Like you, Tag you, Email you, Web Chat with you and of course Call you (easily forgotten these days). All this means that customer support can constantly evolve

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Messenger for Business: A Facebook channel to support your customers

Silvia Planella/ March 31, 2015

  “I don’t know anyone who likes calling businesses,” Zuckerberg remarked. “It’s not fast and convenient, and it definitely doesn’t feel like the future.”   Facebook announced last week on the social network’s annual F8 developer summit the implementation of Messenger for Business to support customer care and sales teams. Facebook with over 1.4 billion users worldwide is aligning its

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