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4 Channels Every Online Shoe Retailer should be using..

Katie Murphy/ April 10, 2018

Many Shoe Retailers spend a great deal of time and money investing in their brick and mortar presence. However, there is little attention given to their online store. It could be said that this is a big mistake, as Online Shoe sales in the US are set to grow at a rate of 9.2% by 2021 as highlighted in the

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Crios Group Overview

Silvia Planella/ July 13, 2015

Arema Connect is one of the founding members of the Crios Group. The overriding mission of this group is to promote Ireland as a prime destination for International clients when researching and selecting their outsourcing partners. The Crios Group is a group of leading business process outsourcing (BPO’s) companies from Ireland that partner with world class corporations to deliver unparalleled

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How a Call Centre Saves your Business Dollars

Silvia Planella/ August 5, 2014

I read two interesting articles recently, one headline read “Slow customer service costs you over $750 a year”, the other article had the headline “Customer Service Wait Times Could Be Costing Americans More than $100 Billion a Year”. It surprises me because customer service is such an integral part of business. It can be used as a form of market

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