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How to make your user-friendly website more customer focus?

Silvia Planella/ July 17, 2017

Customer relationship management software gives you that competitive edge The analogy of “User-friendly” and “customer focus” concepts makes it easier to understand how the integration of a suitable customer relationship management system impacts on your e-commerce website. User-friendly is used to talk about computer systems (e.g. websites) and refers to the ease of use. Therefore, user-friendly websites are designed with

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Press Release: “Arema Connect 2.0 is born”

Silvia Planella/ December 4, 2012

Who are Arema Connect? Arema Connect is a phoenix of Key Answering Systems Group and our sister company is Call Management. Call Management is a successful Call Centre in The Republic of Ireland that specialises in the traditional 24/ 7 ‘Corporate Telephone Answering’ service sector. Arema Connect was established in August 2012 and as part of the Key Answering Systems

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