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Case Study – Automotive Industry

Katie Murphy/ March 2, 2018

Client: This client are responsible for more 1.5 million vehicles worldwide. They operate in 32 countries and have become the World’s leading fleet management service. In Ireland they currently employ 80 people and are responsible for 16,000 vehicles nationwide. The client is outsourcing their inbound and follow up calls to Arema Connect. Problem Definition- Decision made to outsource Inbound and

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Busy Times, Customer Satisfaction and Overflow Customer Support Service

James Purcell/ November 16, 2015

Satisfy every Customer Any successful company has a core workforce of dedicated employees but during busy periods even the best cannot handle 100% of customer calls. This leads to a customers’ most hated experience, being stuck in a queue. According to Help Scout 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a

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3 Ways your Company Benefits from Holiday Cover

James Purcell/ November 9, 2015

Customer Service 365 Strategic planning is a vital part of business management and in the build up to the Christmas holidays a company can adequately prepare by availing of holiday cover customer service. By doing so a business can continue to take customer calls thus increasing sales opportunities and maintaining contact with loyal customers. Also let’s not forget that the

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The 360 Degree Customer Support Experience

Call Management/ November 8, 2014

There are so many different pieces in of customer service pie. It is not as simple as in-store interactions anymore. With the tremendous success eBusiness has had over the last decade also including applications such as click & collect becoming more popular, the customer has so many channels of interaction they can utilize. The modern day customer requires two different

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Is The Traditional Telephone Support Service Still Number One?

Silvia Planella/ November 21, 2013

Some contact centre gurus appointed years ago that the traditional telephone as customer contact point will disappear. Currently, we are seeing a completely different situation. Calls volumes are increasing at the same time so is the call duration. An analysis of the typology of calls received by our Contact Centre in 2013 had revealed that the call duration has increased

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