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Case Study: Telephone Answering Service for IT company

Silvia Planella/ January 18, 2018

Background: Client description Our client is a supply chain technology company. They work in the EMEA market and provide agile solutions to enable faster and more accurate process execution. They have over 30 offices and provide technical solutions for multiple industries including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, warehouse, distribution, automotive, postal & courier, fast moving goods, manufacturing, and transport & logistics. They

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Pat Keogh presentation in Retail In Ireland Live

Silvia Planella/ September 13, 2017

City West Hotel (Dublin) hosted the Retail In Ireland Live event on the 13th of September. This event, co-located with the 4th Annual Food and Drink Conference and Exhibition, brought together over 200 speakers and over 1,000 leading retailers from sectors such as grocery, department stores, electronics, DIY, wholesaling and more. It is the leading retail conference & exhibition in Ireland. Pat Keogh, Arema Connect’ Managing Director, took part in

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Case Study: Social Media Monitoring Customer Support

Silvia Planella/ July 3, 2017

First of all, thanks for each and every one of the e-mails congratulating us for our role in our client’s winning numerous awards at the Sockies17. Following the request of several business owners and in-house marketing departments, James has put pen to paper (ok, finger to keyboard) and has created this case study. We aim to illustrate what we do

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Online Retail: Telephone Answering service for a gift card company

Silvia Planella/ May 16, 2017

Case Study: 24 by 7 Telephone Answering Service for e-commerce Our client provides prepaid gift card products that can be used to purchase items like a debit card. The gift cards can be purchased by individual customers and by organizations using our client’s website and they can be used in a large network of high street and online retail shops. Description

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Summer Holiday Case Study: – We provided peace of mind to CEO’s in SME businesses with our Telephone Answering Service

Silvia Planella/ April 28, 2017

The summer months can be a challenge for businesses as staff take their summer holidays. Arema Connect has a range of contact centre services that may offer the solution for your summer holiday needs. Several years ago, a leading retail and food service wholesaler outsourced their Telephone Answering requirements during their employee’s summer leave. We initially took messages for them

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How a Product Recall works?

Silvia Planella/ July 27, 2015

Product Recall is: The process of retrieving defective goods from consumers and providing those consumers with compensation. Recalls often occur as a result of safety concerns over a manufacturing defect in a product that may harm its user Arema Connect are providing Product Recall support services to the FMCG Industry since 2013. This blog demonstrates the process followed by Arema

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Case Study: Mystery Shopping

Silvia Planella/ June 9, 2015

‘A Telephone Mystery Shopping Case Study’ Project description: We were commissioned by our Market Research Partner to complete a Mystery Shopping project for their client on all branches in the Republic of Ireland. This company has over 10 branches throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland and they rent cars to various sectors. They wanted to analyse staff performance across all the branches and

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Case Study: Disaster recovery

Silvia Planella/ June 2, 2015

“Communicating effectively with your Clients during a Disaster Recovery process” Sunday Evening… “Arema Connect used this experience to educate our existing clients and at least make them aware that it exist and that they should plan for the future and use it as an insurance policy. Furthermore, our client knows that in any circumstance they can rely on us to

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Case Study: Voice Bulk Message

Silvia Planella/ May 29, 2015

Let them hear your voice… One Friday a few months ago… at 6pm we received a call from one of our clients. Due unforeseen circumstances, they needed to communicate to 1200 a timetable change for a Saturday event (the event was in less than 24 hours!). Obviously, it would be really difficult to call 1200 persons in that time-frame and

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