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Key Considerations and Trends for the Future of Call Centers

Evan Daly/ February 8, 2018

Introduction In the latest report by the CCMA and Deloitte future trends were highlighted. Areas which were focused on included talent development and progression within the Call Center, BPO industry Key Trends included; The Industry & Challenges Skilled Employees and Languages Back to Basics Work for Reward Changing Roles Seeds of Change and Harvesting Talent Costs and Benefits The Industry

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Busy Times, Customer Satisfaction and Overflow Customer Support Service

James Purcell/ November 16, 2015

Satisfy every Customer Any successful company has a core workforce of dedicated employees but during busy periods even the best cannot handle 100% of customer calls. This leads to a customers’ most hated experience, being stuck in a queue. According to Help Scout 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a

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Customer Service is the new Market Research

Silvia Planella/ August 20, 2014

Contact centre customer service agents are on the front line of marketing. By answering questions and logging customer queries agents are unintentionally creating a very valuable database of information. When you really think about it, customer service and market research dovetail perfectly together.

What could Your Company Outsource to a contact centre?

Silvia Planella/ February 25, 2013

  There are many elements of your business that you can outsource to Business Solutions Providers (BSP). SME and large companies usually outsource some business processes to make their companies more agile and cost effective. BPO will offer a quality based solution at a fraction of what it would cost you to provide it in-house. “Business process outsourcing (BPO) is

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