Database Management

Detect and correct bad or inaccurate records from your database

Arema Connect can compile Master Databases, perform Database cleansing, data verification, new contact research and database audition.

You can trust us with names, addresses, phone numbers, emails etc. and we will:

  • Eliminate duplicatesmarket research services: database management
  • Confirm details through outbound calls
  • Enter promotional data from brochures etc.

Arema Connect are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and we are fully compliant with the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003. We are proud to have passed our audit for ISO9001 in Security.

At Arema Connect we go through the procedures that are necessary to ensure that your database is completely accurate.

How Database Management Service Works?

Arema Connect check and update databases for customers across Ireland and the UK. Our agents contact your customers directly to verify their details.  This ensures that all your data is accurate, consistent and correctly formatted. An accurate database allows you to get a greater ROI.

Arema Connect’s Database Management and Cleansing service includes

Database testimonial

Kilkenny is a Call Management partner




Greg O’Gorman, Marketing Manager of Kilkenny Group
“Arema Connect (Call Management) are currently looking after our customer loyalty card scheme data entry campaign. Since we started working with them in January 2011 we have found the service to be extremely reliable and professional. They have been very accommodating and have helped us enormously in keeping up to date with our newsletters and regular updates.The accuracy of the data is superb and always processed quickly.”


Case Studies here

Stage 1 – Compilation of Master Database:

  • Merge Databases provided by the client following the format agreed.
  • Eliminate duplicate contact entries in the Master Database

Stage 2 – Database Cleansing:

  • Clean the data entry fields to ensure that typing errors are removed.
  • Formatting the data to ensure that every entry is uniform and in the correct field.

Stage 3 – Data Verification:

  • Field Research: Integrity of data checked by using directory enquiries and physical phone book directories.
  • Outbound agent verification calls with automatic dialer: Your account manager will upload your database to Arema Connect’s automatic dialer. Our system ensures that all database entries are contacted following the Data Protection Policies and Statements.

Stage 4 – New Contacts Research:

  • Source Appropriate New Contacts: In consultation with you, our agents will update the database with new incumbents and additional entries.
  • Inclusion in Database: New contacts will be added to the existing database following the format of the master database.

Stage 5 – Database Audition:

  • Cleansing exercise
  • Data Verification

Benefits of database management

Our Database Management not only save’s your company money on your marketing budget it also keeps your databases relevant and organised. By cleaning your data before you start a campaign, the campaign will simply pay for itself by reducing postage costs for mailing. You can complement this service with our brochure storage and fulfilment outsourcing facility.

Maintaining your database can be time consuming. Leave it to us! You simply supply us with a database or multiple databases of user data; we will convert the information into one easily accessible format and clean the data fields to maintain a concise structure.

We can tailor our services to suit your requirements.

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