Market Research services

Arema Connect have over 16 years experience in delivering bespoke market research projects for our clients. Our bespoken Market research campaigns are customer driven and include: customer satisfaction surveys; follow up sales surveys; new product development surveys; market analysis; competitor research and Database Management.

We provide comprehensive market research services for your most critical business challenges.

market research services: database management
Database Management

Data Verification

If you have multiple customer databases or a sales leads generation databases that may be outdated Arema Connect will merge the databases, remove duplications and identify incorrect or redundant entries through our dialler system. The final step is to conduct field research and validate all the data. Arema Connect will conduct internal audits at each stage to verify the accuracy of the data and we can carry out an audit after 6 or 12 months to maintain the upkeep of the database.

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market research services : Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

In your clients’ shoes

Mystery shopping is the process of measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience through the use of a independent contractor,  who serve as mystery shoppers. It helps your company Evaluate Staff Performance, Highlight customer service issues and Improve & Reward your Customer Service Team. Arema Connect conducts mystery shopping by phone, e-mail, live chat or letter.  

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market research services customer satisfaction
Market Research Surveys

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Customer satisfaction surveys, after sales surveys, new product development surveys, market analysis, competitor research and more. Arema Connect conduct both phone and on-site research. We have done market research for leading car companies, agriculture companies and many more. At the end of the process you will be presented with detailed results.

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market research services
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Happy customer = Returning customer

Our team will contact your customers and clients in order to analyse their satisfaction level and gather their perception of your team performance, product or service and/or in shop experience. This research can be conducted by phone, post and/or online.

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market research servicesMarket Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Our marketing department can analyse the market where you are trading or planning to trade. We have experience developing feasibility studies and helping new companies launch their services and products in new markets.

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Market IntelligenceCompetitor Analysis

Market Intelligence

Discover who is your closest competitor  in your matrix. Our competitor analysis research tool will provide you with crucial data on service offerings and their USP. Can be used to consolidate your market growth strategy and reinforce the basis of your business plan.

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