Receptionist Services

Bespoke Telephone Answering Service

Do you need someone to answer your calls when you are with clients or out-of-office, but you can’t justify the cost of a full-time receptionist? Arema Connect can provide you with your own dedicated virtual receptionist, someone you know and trust to handle your incoming calls.

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  • Your customers always get a great first impression of your company.
  • You can be more accessible to your customers.
  • You don’t have the administrative overheads of a full-time employee – there is no payroll, sick leave or vacation time to manage.
  • You can choose from a range of options from out-of-office hours through to round the clock coverage.
  • You only pay for the hours of service provided.
  • Over 16 years of experience providing receptionist services for UK, Ireland and USA.

How Our Receptionist Service Works

Our receptionists are intelligent, courteous and they enjoy their work which makes the handover process very easy. We start by asking you to brief your Arema Connect receptionist on your business. Then you simply divert your office or mobile phone calls to us and we start handling calls, giving you the opportunity to monitor our performance. Your receptionist quickly gets to know your staff, your customers and how you like to work. Once you’re happy that all calls are managed quickly and efficiently we take it from there, with no fuss and no additional effort required from you.

Our call handling technology automatically routes your incoming calls to your dedicated receptionist here at Arema Connect. The receptionist answers calls in your company’s name, using your preferred script. She will capture and forward any messages for you via email or SMS. Effectively she becomes part of your team, seamlessly handling calls on your behalf.

Telephone Answering Services

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