Product Recall & Store Location Service

Product recalls can be expensive, difficult to manage and damaging to your brand and reputation. Arema Connect provides you with the additional customer support resources you need to smoothly manage recalls and minimize the impact on your business.

When a product has to be recalled there is typically a surge in customer call management activity in the initial 3 to 5 days. Providing a remedy for your customers may involve multiple actions, from handling their phone enquiries and sending instructions via email or mail through to identifying store locations where products can be returned and purchases refunded. Because a recall is by nature unexpected, most companies are not setup to handle this sudden spike in customer activity. That’s where Arema can help. We can quickly mobilize a product recall team to provide you with the extra resources you need when you need them.

Product Recall

How Arema’s Product Recall and Store Location Service Works

The key requirement during a Product Recall is speed. When you contact Arema we will mobilize a recall team within 24 hours or less depending on the circumstances. Our first step is to meet with you to ensure we understand the context of the recall and understand the preferred resolution process. Next we identify the technology we can use during the recall, from dedicated phone numbers through to call routing and web portal systems. We also liaise with any other actors who will play a part in the recall including your PR team, front office staff and maintenance or engineering staff. Other features of the services available include:

  • 24 hour Hotline – we can setup a dedicated phone line that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to manage product recall enquiries
  • Notification – we can use phone, email, text and direct mail to contact potentially affected customers to ensure they understand the extent and nature of the recall.
  • Store Location – we can quickly direct your customers to the nearest outlet during a product recall.
  • Processing – we explain to customers how to return their product and we process those returns and replacements.
  • Product Return Reporting – we provide regular reports showing how many products have been returned and to which store locations.
  • Escalation Procedures – throughout the Product Recall we develop and improve procedures Recall for handling special circumstances and identifying issues that pose a particular risk.

Arema Connect can handle recalls for electronics, toys, food, medical devices, cars and many more types of products.

Benefits of Arema Connect’s Recall and Store Locations Service

Reduced Operational Costs

Multi-Channel Integration

  • Speed of Response – we can mobilize a team within 24 hours to help you manage your Product Recall.
  • MultiChannel Response – a successful Product Recall requires excellent customer communications across different channels within a compressed timeframe. We reach out to your customers via phone, email, direct mail and text and provide a professional, courteous service throughout the recall.
  • Manage a Surge in Demand – there is typically a spike in customer calls during the early days of a product recall. We supply experienced customer service staff to help you manage this sudden surge in demand.
  • Keep Customers Happy – Arema Connect’s staff are experienced, well trained and familiar with the demands of a Product Recall. They will politely and professionally explain to your customers how to return and exchange their product.