Message Taking

Our Message Taking service ensures you never miss an important call.

The Message Taking service ensures you don’t lose an important message during an office meeting, fire alarm test, corporate event day or a gap in phone coverage.

Telephone Answering Services

Benefits of Arema’s Message Taking Service

  • You can be confident that you don’t drop an important call or miss an important message
  • You can extend call coverage to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no additional effort
  • You only pay for the hours worked
  • Your Arema service doesn’t take holidays or sick leave

How Message Taking Works

We provide you with a dedicated customer service team who get to know your staff, your business and how you like to work. You can redirect your phone to us during specific periods or have it swap over automatically if it goes unanswered. Our automated call management system identifies any incoming calls for your business and routes them to your dedicated Arema agent. The agent will capture your caller’s name, number, company and a detailed message. He will then forward the message and details to a member of your team according to your instructions. Calls can be forwarded or transferred directly, or we can take a message and forward it by email and SMS, or messages can be logged to an online portal.