Emergency Response Lines

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Emergency Response Lines

Your ability to respond to an emergency can be critical to your customers. But you may not have the budget or staff to resource a 24-hour help desk or emergency response centre. That’s where Arema Connect can help. We provide Emergency Response lines that are available 24-hours, 7 days a week to your customers. We can handle everything from basic first line support through to routing complex enquiries to your key staff during an emergency.

How The Emergency Response Line Service Works

First we allocate a dedicated Account Manager to your company. The Account Manager will meet with you to understand your products and services, your customers and your current call handling procedures. We then agree a protocol for handling emergency calls, which describes how calls will be answered, processed and escalated or redirected.

Next, we begin a trial period where we handle emergency calls while you monitor the process. During each call we collect the customer’s contact information and details of their problem and we then connect that caller with the appropriate person at your company. This can mean patching the caller through to that person while the caller is on the line, or else we can send a text or email in less urgent cases.

Once you are happy that we respond quickly and effectively to emergency calls we take over the full process. We record all calls for analysis and quality assurance so you can confirm we are following the agreed protocol correctly. We also provide daily, weekly and monthly reports so you can assess our performance in areas such as initial response time and time-to-resolution.

Benefits of Arema Connect’s Emergency Response Line Service

  • Fast – we respond quickly to all incoming emergency calls from your customers. There are no delays or dropped calls. Our staff stay with your caller until we know their problem is resolved or until someone from your company has taken control.
  • Reliable – you can trust us to answer every call consistently and appropriately, following the agreed protocol and with a focus on what’s best for your customer and your business. And our systems are reliable too, with redundant backup of data and other mechanisms to ensure we respond quickly to your customers’ emergencies under all circumstances.
  • Experienced – critical calls require call handling experience. You need to have details recorded accurately and messages delivered quickly to your on-call team. Arema Connect has proven experience in Emergency Response management, with skilled staff, strong processes and independent quality certification.
  • Reduced Costs – with Arema Connect handling your emergency calls you don’t have to staff a 24 hour response centre. And with Arema you only pay for the services you use.
  • Improved Customer Service – through a combination of professional, highly-trained customer service staff, efficient processes and the latest technology we can ensure your customers get the best possible service, 24 hours a day.
  • Flexible – you can make any changes you want to the emergency response protocol and increase or reduce the amount of service coverage.