Donation Lines & Membership

Outbound and Inbound Campaigns

Arema Connect helps charities secure repeat donations, acquire new supporters and drive the maximum return from their customer engagements. We provide dedicated answer lines for collecting donations, we run outbound promotion campaigns to increase subscribers and we can quickly mobilize call management services during an emergency or disaster appeal. Outsourcing the administrative duties of the charity allows funding to be directed into different areas and campaigns and allow the charity to grow.

Why Charities Work With Arema Connect

Charities work with Arema for a number of reasons. Firstly, because we provide call management as our core business, we can deliver donation line and membership services very cost effectively, round-the-clock. Secondly, because of our work in the charity sector we understand your needs and the tools available to boost donation and subscriber numbers. Thirdly, you can easily increase or reduce your use of our services as you scale up to run a particular campaign or appeal.

Pic: Miki Barlok

How Arema’s Donation Line and Membership Service Works

We will condense your administrative duties for example by offer multi-service packages such as registration, donation services and telephone answering service with escalation.

First we allocate a dedicated Arema account manager to your charity. Your account manager meets you to understand the goals of your charity and your specific needs for donation and membership services. Based on those needs we then agree the particular blend of services most suitable for your charity.

Services range from accepting payments online to supporting membership drives and coordinating event attendance:

  • Information Line – our staff can handle all of the incoming calls for a particular information line – for example, providing information on a particular emergency appeal or natural disaster. Where appropriate we can direct callers to our donation line or further information.
  • Donation Line –when your donors call your dedicated freephone or lo-call number they are redirected to your Arema team. We log their details, take their card details and process their payment within seconds. We ensure they receive a receipt for tax purposes if they require one. If they want further information or to donate their time then we capture that information and forward to you for follow-up during normal office hours. And we can provide the service in the evenings and at weekends so your supporters can donate when it suits them.
  • Booking of Tickets for Charity Events – we manage the sales of tickets for charity events, including management of seating allocation and multiple venues. Payments are taken by credit card over the phone and then your agent provides the client with a reference number and preferred option for collecting their tickets (on site, by post or e-ticket).
  • Fundraising Event Support – we can quickly and efficiently help you at each step in the process, from issuing invitations through to confirming bookings and handling incoming enquiries. And for paid events we can handle online ticket sales and registration of delegates and VIPs
  • Brochures – we can store and send brochures to save you time and office space
  • Data Entry and Database Management – our team will enter details of callers / competitions’ participants / events attendees and provide you with an accurate database at the end of the campaign

Benefits of Arema Connect’s Donation Line and Membership Service

  • Flexible – we tailor our services to your charity’s particular requirements. You can use as much or as few as you want, with no long term commitment.
  • Cost Effective – because customer management is our core business we can use the latest technology and our staff’s expertise to squeeze out any unnecessary costs, making sure you get the best service for the least expense.
  • Appropriate – we work with a lot of charities and we understand a different approach is needed compared to private sector organizations. Our staff are warm, dedicated and sensitive to your particular requirements as a charity.