Social Media Customer Support

Responding to Customer Enquiries and Promoting Products Using Social Media

This is an ideal service for companies whose time does not allow for the day to day up-keep of their social media duties. We respond to all your customer questions professionally and rapidly. Twitter and Facebook profiles are essential tools for maintaining your company image and Arema Connect can manage your Twitter and Facebook feeds by updating them and displaying current affairs regarding your company at your discretion.

Pic: Miki Barlok

How Arema Connect’s Social Media Service Works

One of our biggest qualities is how we build great relationships with our clients. This is done by maintaining open lines of communication between your business and ours. Next we connect to your main social networking accounts – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – so we can monitor incoming customer enquiries and post responses on your behalf.
Social Media CRM provides customer support for your clients on their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Forums.
The main aim is to provide customer support on these platforms.
Type of service offered:

  • Customer support on your social media accounts: Social networks like Twitter and Facebook help you deliver even better service to your customers and stand out from your competition. We can monitor all your social media accounts to catch customer enquiries, requests or complaints. Your dedicated Arema Connect agents will be thoroughly familiar with your products and services. They are also specially trained to handle customer service requests over social media quickly and effectively, ensuring your customers get a great impression of your company. If you website has a forum, we can provide support on it too.
  • Watchdog customer support: Arema Connect agents will search outside your account any mention of your brand and products. If a comment is detected, such as a complaint, this will be escalated to your team following your procedure
  • Promotional support: Arema Connect can support any promotional activity that you create on your social media accounts such as competitions or discounts.

Benefits of Arema’s Social Media Customer Support

  • Better customer service – you become available to your customers 24 hours a day via their favourite social media. Customers will enjoy fast response times and ease of access.
  • Cost Effective – Social media is a low cost way of interacting with your customers compared to telephone or direct mail.
  • Reduced Administrative Headache – by letting us take care of your social media customer service you have one less thing to worry about
  • Pay for what you get – you only pay for the service provided. You don’t have the additional overheads of hiring and training new staff, managing rosters, paying for sick leave and holiday cover.