SMS Alerts / Product Recall Response

Reach New or Existing customers

Whether it is a product recall or a new sales campaign Arema Connect will deliver a quick and efficient service so you can reach your customers & clients when it matters most. Also instantly improve customer service and increase sales opportunities by utilising our expertise in dealing with Marketing and Promotional campaigns. Arema Connect can manage inbound and outbound texts from our call centre.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increased Sales Conversions

Reduced Administrative Effort

Improved Cross-Sell Opportunities

Reduced Operational Costs

Multi-Channel Integration

Benefits of Arema’s Mobile Response Service

  • Product Recall – Co-ordinate and execute product recall quickly and effectively
  • Reach Your Customers Instantly – customers read your texts and respond to offers.
  • High Response and Success Rates – customers read your texts and respond to offers.
  • Improved Customer Service – adopting mobile response management makes it much easier for your customers to contact you round the clock, and much easier for you to respond quickly.
  • Reduced Administrative Effort – Arema can handle your mobile response so you don’t have to train staff or buy complicated new technology.
  • Take requests for your brochures.
24 by 7
365 days

How Arema Connect’s Mobile Response Service Works

First, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to your business. Your account manager will meet you to discuss how you want to use mobile messaging to connect with your customers, both for outbound promotions and inbound customer service requests.
For outbound mobile campaigns, we provide you access to an easy-to-use web-based system for uploading customer mobile numbers. Once the numbers are uploaded you can edit and schedule messages to your customers. We can also generate mobile shortcodes (5 digit numbers) for your business, plus ‘keywords’ you want to use on those shortcodes (e.g. “Text OFFER to 5xxxx”). You can use these short codes to let customers easily request a brochure, call back, find a store location or email.
For inbound mobile customer service, we capture all incoming SMS messages coming to a business mobile number or short code and respond appropriately. In most cases the response can be automated – we scan the message for a keyword and then respond accordingly. For instance, if someone texts “” to a particular business number, we can automatically email a brochure to that email address.