Pat Keogh presentation in Retail In Ireland Live

Silvia Planella/ September 13, 2017

City West Hotel (Dublin) hosted the Retail In Ireland Live event on the 13th of September. This event, co-located with the 4th Annual Food and Drink Conference and Exhibition, brought together over 200 speakers and over 1,000 leading retailers from sectors such as grocery, department stores, electronics, DIY, wholesaling and more. It is the leading retail conference & exhibition in Ireland. Pat Keogh, Arema Connect’ Managing Director, took part in

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Recruitment Announcement (Christmas 2017)

Silvia Planella/ September 7, 2017

Business Outsourcing in Ireland is a strong growth industry and we are proud to be contributing to that success.  We are delighted to announce that we are currently recruiting up to 70 people for our contact centre based in Cork Ireland. Be part of our team! Job title: Customer Support Agents (Christmas Tree Company – no cold calling or outbound sales purely

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Travel Industry: How to increase your sales and net profit?

Silvia Planella/ August 26, 2017

Net profit is the true measure of any organisation, as the saying goes profit is sanity, volume is vanity In order to increase the bottom line profit figures in the tour operations sector you must have a multiple sales channels and you must forensically analyse the contribution from each distribution channel. In the travel industry, there are two main distribution

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The human side of booking holidays: the role of agents and travel support

Silvia Planella/ August 21, 2017

The internet has changed the way that we search, plan, and book our holidays. The demand for planning and booking holidays online will keep increasing in the coming years and in some market sectors (i.e. young travellers, last minute trips…) will overtake the offline demand. Despite the impact of the internet on the sector, the human touch will always remain

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Test Arema Connect Chatbot

Silvia Planella/ August 14, 2017

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a programme that powered by rules interacts with customers via a chat interface. It is like Live chat but interacting with a machine instead of a human. Currently, there are two types of chatbots: normal and intelligent. Normal chatbots are limited to the predefined questions/answers inputted by the company/user. It doesn’t have the

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Selling online? Five things you must know

Silvia Planella/ July 31, 2017

Selling online is a customer-focus process where a good customer experience is impacted by your IT, logistics, marketing, legal and customer services processes.   The internet has transformed all our lives and online selling is now a major sales channel opportunity. We can now make purchases on a 24 by 7 basis using numerous devices from laptops, mobiles to tablets.

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How to make your user-friendly website more customer focus?

Silvia Planella/ July 17, 2017

Customer relationship management software gives you that competitive edge The analogy of “User-friendly” and “customer focus” concepts makes it easier to understand how the integration of a suitable customer relationship management system impacts on your e-commerce website. User-friendly is used to talk about computer systems (e.g. websites) and refers to the ease of use. Therefore, user-friendly websites are designed with

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How to support your online customers during the purchasing stage on your website?

Silvia Planella/ July 10, 2017

Every day millions of people shop online. We have prepared a list of ‘tips’ for you, so you can improve your online customer support and increase sales through your website. 1. Customer Support at Every Stage of the Purchase The shopping process begins when the online buyer lands on your website. In an ideal world, when customers browse your website,

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