How to start exporting from the USA without an initial big investment?

Arema Connect offers a wide range of services to support American and Canadian companies exporting to Europe. Our services are designed to help you to establish a business in a new market with a reduced investment, whilst increasing market presence  using data intelligence.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Informed decisions

To successfully launch your services and products within a new market it is important to develop a comprehensive understanding of market growth rates, forecasted demand, competitors, and potential barriers to entry.
Your business may require a ‘feasibility or viability study’ of the proposed business idea or or an adapted market analysis project to assess the following key elements:

  • Your direct competitors
  • Confirm the suitability of your value proposition in the new market and early detection of potential barriers to entry
  • Collect feedback from potential new customers

Arema Connect Market Research has over thirteen years of experience in the European market providing Market Research services such as mystery shopping, feasibility study, competitor analysis, customer’s satisfaction surveys and product testing.

Phone number, Business Mailing Address and Telephone Answering Service

European Presence

Entering a new market requires investing time and resources. Different currency, languages, time frame, culture and location are key challenges to face for American companies in the European continent. Having a European presence with existing staff relocating to Europe will ease the exporting process; however, setting up an office from day one is an expensive option as you are tied in to rent agreements & it takes time to settle in and understand the culture.

Arema Connect can offer your business a cost effective European presence through these three services:

European Phone Numbers:
Geographic numbers for UK, France, Italy, Germany and any other country within the European Union. These numbers can be routed to your office in America or to our centralised contact centre in Ireland

Business Mailing Address:
All post can be sent to our business mailing address in Ireland. We will process letters, checks and invoices on your behalf. Our administrative team can send invoices to your European clients and scan & e-mail all correspondence to your American head quarters.

Telephone Answering Service:
Time and cultural differences can be easily solved by using our corporate telephone answering service. We can provide you with  a 24/ 7 Customer Support Line answered in your company name and following your preferred procedure.

Arema Connect can provide you with a shared service (if your call volume is initially low) or with a dedicated team.
Multi Channel Support Mix includes e-mail handling, live chat support, social media management, apps and text/voice messages.

We are providing these services to a large number of International Clients on a bespoke service basis with scalable solutions.

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