Exporting from Ireland

Arema Connect are working with Irish business and supporting their exporting initiatives since 2001.

How can ‘Outsourcing’ help your company when exporting?

Arema Connect is a 24 / 7 Outsourcing solutions providers and we can assist you on the CRM requirements of your export strategy.

We can provide you with:-

International & Local Phone Numbers

Country specific phone number answered in your company name. Arema Connect has access to free phone numbers, specific city numbers and non-geographical phone numbers. All these can be routed to our contact centre team.

Telephone Answering Service

Our Contact centre is open 24 / 7. Your dedicated phone number will be answered by our agents in a polite and professional manner. We can answer typical FAQ’s or have full access to your system and support your administrative workload including sales, refunds, complaint handling, etc.

Multi-channel customer support

We have developed a range of CRM solutions so that your clients can contact you by phone, e-mail, live chat, text, social media, video… We will interact with your customers’ in real time and follow the procedure as instructed by you.

Benefits of using Arema Connect for your export adventure

  • Shared & dedicated agent support service
  • Experience in USA, Europe and Australian markets
  • Open 24 / 7: open for business all year round.
  • Cost saving solution
  • Quality customer care service: we are ISO certified and Excellence Through People accredited