Beast from the East: Bad weather preparations in our contact centre

Silvia Planella/ February 26, 2018

‘Beast from the East’. It sounds bad… It is expected to bring freezing temperatures and heavy snow to Ireland, UK and almost everywhere in Europe. Beast from the East is expected to hit Ireland on Tuesday and it could bring snowfall to the country not seen since January 1982. Bad weather impacts on everyone’s routines and creates all kinds of problems.

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Case Study – Tourist Industry – Outsourcing BPO

Evan Daly/ February 20, 2018

Client Our client, the agency responsible for the promotion and development of tourism services for the Island of Ireland. The authority has two brands with various marketing activities at home and abroad. They have engaged Arema Connect in Outsourcing of their key activities. Their Primary brand – is to fulfil the actual core activities of the agency such as providing

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The value of training and how this impacts on delivering a high quality service

Katie Murphy/ February 12, 2018

Training plays a huge part in providing both a high-quality service and ensuring each client’s individual needs are fulfilled. Arema Connect currently employs 47 employees, who are well aware of this. Correct learning and professional development strategies are an indispensable way to keep the organisation competitive in constantly changing markets.My name is Katie Murphy and I am a marketing student at Cork

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Key Considerations and Trends for the Future of Call Centers

Evan Daly/ February 8, 2018

Introduction In the latest report by the CCMA and Deloitte future trends were highlighted. Areas which were focused on included talent development and progression within the Call Center, BPO industry Key Trends included; The Industry & Challenges Skilled Employees and Languages Back to Basics Work for Reward Changing Roles Seeds of Change and Harvesting Talent Costs and Benefits The Industry

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GDPR Crios Group Workshop

Evan Daly/ January 31, 2018

The Crios Group held a General Data Protection Regulation Workshop was held last Wednesday 30th January in Enterprise Ireland Regional Office. Arema Connect representatives attended the Conference organised in conjunction with Crios Group members. Events attendees included Nuala Keogh (Financial Director), Silvia Planella (Marketing Director), Blessing Kumi and Melanie O’Driscoll (CIT interns). In this blog, we describe the event and summarise

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Arema Connect – CIT Internship: meet our new Interns here!

Evan Daly/ January 30, 2018

As part of our Degrees in Marketing & Business Information Systems at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Semester II of our third year encompasses the best opportunity to further complement both our Theory & practical skills and now to apply such to the business process and activities of an Organisation. We have been fortunate by Arema to offer us internship

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Questions to define your Customer Experience Strategy

Silvia Planella/ January 30, 2018

If you are a first-time outsourcer or just reviewing your customer experience strategy, this blog will give you the answers to three key questions which in turn will help you define your requirements. Note: Defining a successful customer experience strategy should involve all departments of your company, as different stakeholders may answer the same questions with different approaches. Who are

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Case Study: Telephone Answering Service for Utility Sector

Silvia Planella/ January 24, 2018

Background: Client description Our client is a Supplier of Broadband and Network Consultancy Services to Business and Residential customers. They provide services nationwide and their core team is usually on the road installing broadband to clients. Objective of this Case Study: This case study provides evidence of our telephone answering service for the SME. Overview of the day to day

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Case Study: Telephone Answering Service for IT company

Silvia Planella/ January 18, 2018

Background: Client description Our client is a supply chain technology company. They work in the EMEA market and provide agile solutions to enable faster and more accurate process execution. They have over 30 offices and provide technical solutions for multiple industries including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, warehouse, distribution, automotive, postal & courier, fast moving goods, manufacturing, and transport & logistics. They

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