ISO 9001:2008 Video

Silvia Planella/ June 26, 2017

Arema Connect ISO 9001:2008 Video Transcript: Arema Connect has been ISO 9001:2008 accredited since 2010. ISO 9001 contains eight keys principles: Customer focus and customer satisfaction, Leadership, Involvement of people, Process approach, System approach to management, Continual improvement, Factual approach to decision making, and Mutually beneficial supplier relationship. Arema Connect applies these 8 principles through the organization, contact centre services

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The role of the customer support team

Silvia Planella/ June 20, 2017

The role of the customer support team is a crucial role in any organisation, as they are the first point of contact for customer queries and complaints. A customer support team understand complex details about a company’s services/products and can assist customers with their queries. They take inbound calls / e-mails and provide solutions to a variety of queries in

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How Education Sector Businesses use Customer Service to Boost Sales

Silvia Planella/ June 13, 2017

Leaving Cert Marks the end for Students but the beginning for Businesses Arema Connect would like to wish all the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students across the country the very best for the upcoming exams. Pass your exams and close the books for the summer! If you are stressed out, check out this helpful article by the Independent on

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Education & Back to School Supplies Whitepaper

Silvia Planella/ June 12, 2017

Sales and Customer Support for the ‘Back to School’ campaign If your company is involved in the provision of educational material (i.e. books, school materials, uniform retailers, school and education providers), you are already anticipating the ‘late summer’ rush of activity in all these areas. August is THE MONTH when everything must be ready and kids prepared for the return

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New Company Contract: Fleet Management

Silvia Planella/ June 6, 2017

Arema Connect is happy to announce that we have acquired a new client in the area of fleet management. The automotive, transport and logistics sector has a set of specific requirements for outsourcing to any call centre. This post describes our new client’s requirements, the process followed by Arema Connect team to set the contract and how we are providing

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Sockie Social Media Awards 2017

Silvia Planella/ May 30, 2017

Last Thursday (May 25th) Arema Connect was chosen by our client, one of Irelands largest retail franchises, to represent our contact centre at the Sockie awards. We monitor this client’s social media 7 days a week as part of our Omni-channel customer service and it was a great honour to be invited to the event, which took place in the

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CCMA Annual Conference 2017

Silvia Planella/ May 29, 2017

Where is the Irish Contact Centre leading to? On the 25th of May, the Irish Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) hosted its annual conference in Naas (Co. Kildare, Dublin). The event brought together the Irish contact centre community and provided an arena to discuss contact centre metrics, new and existing customer experience strategies and the latest sector opportunities. Speakers included

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New Contract: Critical Incident Management

Silvia Planella/ May 26, 2017

Outsourcing for first time can be challenging for many companies; however, once you find the right partner it is easier to see its benefits. Companies may decide to outsource a small portion of their business and, as their sales and operations grow, they decide to grow them in partnership. One of our clients is a good example of this approach.

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Why and What should you teach to your call centre?

Silvia Planella/ May 23, 2017

Congratulations! You are considering outsourcing to a call centre, or you have decided to outsource to one. That’s the right direction to grow your business. If it is the first time outsourcing, try to keep your anxiety levels to a minimum. Overall, remember that call centres have existed for many decades. Now, it is time to concentrate all your efforts

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