Inbound Call Center Overflow Management

Inbound Call Center Overflow Management

Manage the inevitable call fluctuation this Christmas

Arema Connect call centre will provide you with world class customer service that handles overflow telephone calls and emails during this extremely busy period. Our professional customer service teams will relieve the pressure on your in-house staff by taking calls / e-mails at peak periods.

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Overflow Management Benefits

If you are expecting an influx of calls over the holiday period it is definitely worth considering ‘Outsourcing’ the overflow management to complement your in-house team.
Benefits of Outsourcing your Overflow Management:

  • Improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Increase sales (24/7 customer support line)
  • Improve company customer care image
  • Cost benefits, no need to hire temporary staff
  • Reduce training costs ‘Train the Trainer Outsourcing Solution’
  • Reduce waiting times and improve your metrics
  • Integration with your sales ordering system, CRM systems & delivery tracking systems
  • All calls recorded for auditing and monitoring purposes
  • Build a long-term relationship with an ‘Outsourcing Partner’
  • Secure a successful Christmas Holiday Campaign from Black Friday to the January Sales
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Quick Set Up, No Downtime, Plan Ahead

Outsourcing your overflow management this Christmas couldn’t be more straightforward. If your in-house team are too busy to answer the phone within 20 seconds (or a time specified by you), calls will be routed to our Call Center.
Arema Connects agents will…

  • answer in your business’ name
  • actively listen to clients’ enquiries
  • provide timely solutions
  • capture the relevant information on your system (or alternatively in ours)
  • escalate/transfer complex enquiries adhering to your process and policies

… and Reports and recordings will be fully available

Why Arema Connect this Christmas?

Our call centre provides many clients with overflow management services throughout their peak times. We have made provisions for a fluctuation in call volumes over the Christmas period.

Our Call Center has:

  • 16 years’ experience in providing customer-focused Call Center Overflow Management for a wide range of companies
  • Agents that are highly knowledgeable and our client base is diverse including retail, property management, event management & government agencies.
  • Low attrition rate
  • Great staff harmony
  • The philosophy of answering 99% of all emails within one hour
    The ISO 90001 accreditation
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