FMCG Industry

Product Recall, General Inquiries and Feedback Calls

Arema Connect has a proven track record in delivering 24/7 customer support for a diverse range of customers. (SME, Retail Groups, International) Our services focus on increasing sales, supporting operations and improving customer satisfaction levels and enhancing the end customer buying experience.

FMCG Industry Call Centre Solutions

Companies within the FMCG sector require tailor made solution for customer support as each company is unique with their own corporate mission.

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FMCG Retail Network – Call Centre Solutions

Sales Order Line:

Arema Connect are currently processing orders using our clients sales ordering system. This approach can be used to support your in-house team on an overflow or after hours support contract.

Product Recall Services:

Products may be recalled from time to time and the speed of reaction is a key element to reduce the potential brand damage. Arema Connect is open 24/7 and can activate your product recall protocol within minutes. We will contact your distribution network by text, e-mail & phone call. Common Objective: Notify distribution team of the situation and remove the product from the shelves & stock count (sales & storeroom)
Additional services can be included as social media watchdog services and website / press notifications.

Mystery Shopping:

Ensure that your distribution chain is providing an outstanding service. Arema Connect will perform telephone mystery shopping exercises as a customer using scenarios provided by our client. All calls are recorded and each call will be scored and audited.

Consumer Buying Experience – Call Centre Solutions

Omnichannel Customer Support / Information Line:

By providing an omnichannel customer support service by phone, email, webchat & social media monitoring. Our team will support your customer base on a 24/7  basis. Services available include telephone answering service, live chat, e-mail handling, social media and apps customer support.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Obtain customer feedback for all aspects of your business from retail store satisfaction levels, customer care support, after sales support. Each market research project is bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Media and Marketing Campaign Support:

Launching a new product or promoting an existing one. Arema Connect supports the FMCG industry with media & marketing campaign support by providing Freephone telephone numbers, telephone answering service, e-mail handling support & social media management. Manage peaks in demand by outsourcing to a partner with dedicated 24 by 7 support.

FMCG Industry Administrative Support

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Receptionist Service:

Arema Connect can support your in-house team on a daily basis and/or for short period such as holiday cover, lunch breaks and/or sick leave. Our team will be trained on your business model, processes and procedures & become a trusted partner.

Database Management:

Arema Connect has database managing experience for a large number of companies including companies in the FMCG sector. Our services include data cleansing, data validation and confirmation.

Benefits of Arema Connect FMCG Industry Services

24/7 Service – Customer Support, Product Recall & Sales Order placement

You can ensure someone is available to take calls 24/7. All important messages, emails and texts are forwarded to you, your network and team immediately.

Reduced Costs

We can implement an efficient contact management service where you only pay for the service you use. You don’t have fixed costs or the need to hire and manage additional staff.

Manage Fluctuating Demand

Call volume varies with time of year and in response to particular events. Arema Connect helps you cope with these peaks and troughs without having to incur extra staff costs.

Instant Escalation

We follow a predefined protocol to ensure all emergency calls are correctly identified and escalated.

ISO Certified Retail Call Centre team

Arema is ISO Certified and comply with Data Protection regulations for the call centre sector.