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Here, you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the call center and customer service industry. Our blogs are informative and full of examples. You will learn the latest trends in the contact centre world, how to improve customer satisfaction & sales, and what is our team up to. Have fun!

GDPR Crios Group Workshop

The Crios Group held a General Data Protection Regulation Workshop was held last Wednesday 30th January in Enterprise Ireland Regional Office. Arema Connect representatives attended the Conference organised in conjunction with Crios Group members. Events attendees...

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Happy Christmas from Arema Connect!

Time is flying! We are here again planning our Christmas party, and a number of activities to celebrate the festive season in our Contact Centre. Annual Christmas Party Tomorrow is our staff night out and everyone is looking forward to a relaxing evening. This yearly...

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Product Recall: Case Study

A recall is by nature unexpected. Shops must be quickly provided with an update. Additionally, most companies are not setup to handle sudden spike in customer activity. That’s where Arema can help. We can quickly mobilize a product recall team to provide you with the...

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Exporting with Arema Connect Support

Arema Connect has been helping businesses to export their products and services since 2005. Our availability and the services we provide gives our clients an advantage when selling their products and services to international markets. We don’t only help Irish...

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Arema Connect Halloween Party 2017

We started having Halloween Parties back in 2013. Get-togethers such as Halloween parties are part of our staff engagement and team building strategies. They provide an opportunity to boost camaraderie between colleagues and improve the cohesion of new and existing...

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What do we do? ‘Solving problems’ since 2001

Recently, at Arema Connect we conducted an employee survey to better understand their perspective on working with us. One of the questions asked was ‘Define briefly what do we do’. We collected over 40 responses. Typical answers included key terms as ’24 by 7 call...

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